These three main points should be featured on your homepage to ensure that it connects with your visitors to convert them into consumers of your products and/or services. These elements make your offering clear from the get-go, prove what you are saying is true and provide the necessary information to make that sale.

1.    Headlines
Strong and clear headlines show visitors what your business is about straight away when they arrive to your homepage. These should be clear and direct and not be confusing in any way. With this, even at a glance visitors know what is on offer from your business and if it is suitable and desirable to them. An example of a strong and clear headline from a party supplies company may read like this: “From Custom Confetti to Fabulous Fireworks, we have Everything You Need for the Perfect Party at Any Budget.” Headlines also assist with an organic SEO presence as keywords and terms can be placed in them.

2.    Testimonials
Client reviews and testimonials should adorn each of your webpages and of course your Home page is included with this. Having these follow a strong headline verifies your claims as per your previous happy customers. While it does take a little extra work, refreshing your testimonials on your homepage on a weekly basis shows your visitors that you have a constant stream of good reviews attesting to your products and/or services. You will see time and time again that testimonials feature on the list of how to craft an effective webpage. They are the digital equivalent of positive word-of-mouth advertising.

3.    Accessibility
Now that you have clearly stated what your business does and proved this (by way of testimonials), you need to guide your visitors to convert into a consumer of what you are selling. Ensure your homepage has a link or portal to your online shop (some homepages are the shops themselves) and also make sure that your contact information in the form of an address, e-mail and possibly a phone and fax number is visible. With this, you give your visitors the access and information that they need to become a customer of your business.

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