1. How long have you had your current logo for?
If you have used your current logo for years and your customers can identify you by it, take this into consideration when making changes. Avoid altering it too drastically to the point where your customers do not associate it with you. Make subtle and slight changes to enhance rather than erase your established identity. Most companies update and streamline their logo over the years (Google did so as recently as 2015); but successful businesses do not go overboard and only begin with subtle changes. Keep this in mind from the get-go; often, less is more.

2. What changes should you make to your logo?
If you are merging with another company, it is understandable that your logo may change to become a hybrid of the two. Other than that, the above point of making only subtle changes to your logo is the advisable route. For example, if you are looking to modernise your logo, rounding off any sharp edges and updating to simple and legible font are two steps in the right direction. You can also change the shading of your company and logo colours by making them lighter or darker to still count as making changes without straying too far from your starting point.

3. Can you match your logo to your business type?
An Irish gifts and souvenir company may make use of the colours of the Irish flag by integrating the colours of green, white and gold into their logo. Yet depending on your business type, this may not always be possible. While this gift company could use shamrocks as part of their logo design, what would an architecture company use? Yes images may spring to mind, but it goes with saying that there is not always a clean cut fit of pairing industries and businesses with images. If this is the case for your business, consider having a professional and stylised font of your business name as your logo.

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