Images that can be Zoomed
Zooming into an image to see it in more detail helps a browser become a buyer as they can witness the finer details and quality of the product up close. When your website has these images that can be zoomed into, it also fosters trust in your website visitors as they see that you are not attempting to hide or conceal any part of the product for viewing.

Images that can be viewed in 360°
Feeding into the point above about zooming, offering images with a 360° view also shows your website visitors literally all facets of the products. Not only does this help them make their decision about whether to purchase or not because they can view the product in its entirety; it also enables them to visualise the proportions of the product and where it will fit in their home or into their lifestyle etc.

Images that show Features
If you are selling a backpack that has a waterproof pocket on the inside to store a bottle of water, make sure to show this in your images. Why only show the outside and external view of the bag and explain via text about this internal pocket feature while you could effectively illustrate this with an image?

Images that show the product In Use
These type of images can be staged with models, but they can also act akin to a text testimonial. Showing the products that you are selling being used (worn, played with, driven etc.) by real people shows your website visitors the products in context. This would include their size in a real-world setting and also when and where are good times and places that the product will be of use to those who buy it.

Images that can be Shared
Let’s not forget the business nature of your online shop. If all of your product images have sharing options on them, it means that your website visitors can easily show them to friends and family who may be interested in the product(s). Coupled with this, having sharing options enabled means that your website visitors can quickly and easily share the images of your products (and by extension your brand and business) on their social media accounts. This means a bigger audience and more exposure for you.